Jesus devoted his life to serving, helping and healing people.

He embraced the forgotten, loved the rejected and had compassion on the broken. God designed us to carry this same heart and provide spiritual hope and practical help for the lost and hurting people in our world.

God’s Mission is Our Mission

God is on a mission to change people’s lives and he invites us to join him. We embrace the privilege of sharing his message of grace and love with others. We rejoice when we see people experience the joy of becoming a follower of Christ. But it doesn’t stop there. This mission also calls us to spread his love to those around us by reaching out and blessing those in our world.

It Starts Right Here!

We believe our mission starts right here in our own backyard. That’s why we’re intentionally investing in our city – both financially in local organizations who are doing amazing work and in building relationships with the people of our city.

Local Partners

3Strands & Break Free

3Strands has the mission to combat human trafficking through sustainable employment, education and engagement initiatives. We are excited about continuing to partner with and support 3Strands even further in their efforts to empower a worldwide community to combat human trafficking.

Powerhouse Ministries

Powerhouse Ministries is a non-profit organization bringing hope and healing to the local community of Folsom, helping over 1,000 people each year. As a Christian Community Group, a range of programs are offered, from women and men’s support groups, teen and children’s ministry programs, a Drop-in center and much more. Our involvement includes helping to staff special events at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, supporting Sunday community gatherings (meal & service) and financial support of the Transformation Center program which provides a no-cost residential recovery programs for women and their children.

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The Backyard Garden

At SunHills, we want to positively have an impact on our community. One way we thought to do this was through a garden! 

Through this garden, we are able to donate fresh, homegrown vegetables to our partner Twin Lakes Food Bank. This is one of the ways we are able to help serve our community!

If you are interested in serving our community in this capacity, let us know!


Twin Lakes Food Bank

The mission of the Twin Lakes Food Bank is to share God’s love by mobilizing the community to providefood and support to those in need. Their goal is to be the hope in our community by providing the basicneeds of nutritious food and social assistance with dignity and humility.

We support TLFB by collecting needed food items for distribution, participating in big and small ‘sorting parties’ and other large group events.

A Heart for the Nations

Jesus left his followers with clear instructions: “Go… and make disciples of all the nations (peoples), baptizing them… and teaching them to observe all I have commanded you.” It is our earnest hope that all peoples come to hear and understand the life-giving message of Jesus. As a blessed people, we must never see our blessings as something to be hoarded or spent solely on ourselves. Instead, we understand that we have been blessed in order to bless all the families of the earth.


Get involved today!